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For the design of the housing i used Autocad R14. It is easy to use and, for a PC-system, it has a great functionallity - it is also able to export the design drawings in different formats f.e. *.wmf. 
Measurement Software:

As a frequency generator i used the program audioTester V1.4b (in combination with the soundcard of my notebook). A direct comparison with the frequency generated by the Fluke- frequencygenerator shows a good accuracy for the combination soundcard+audiotester. I used the frequency generator only to measure and calculate the system impedance and damping factor. For sound pressure measurements the wobbled signal from my Technics- Terzanalyser  give better and more practical results in a real living room where you listen to the music.
Measurement Hardware:
  • Soundcard Notebook Toshiba T8100
  • Terzanalyser Technics TH8000 incl. calibrated micro
  • Multimeter Fluke Aud14
  • Microsoft Frontpage
  • IRFANVIEW ; freeware program, resize pictures and convert in various formats,.....
  • SELFHTML ; detailed description for html-programming, lots of examples.






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